Too busy to write

I have lots of things I’d like to write about this evening but I haven’t had time. I was away with my husband on a short one-nighter two nights ago – my daughter away on a school spring break trip – I had to teach sunday school this morning, and go to a meeting over lunch. Then there was the dinner this evening at my mother’s I couldn’t miss, since I forgot to wish her a Happy 82! Birthday yesterday. To top it off, I just got the my second proof for my second book – A Burnished Rose – back from the printer and I found things I missed, AGAIN!

Luckily I have worked on the document in Indesign – an amazing program, though not very intuitive – and can change the mistakes myself and send it back to the printer. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get this done. Of course, I have a gig at the end of the month were I need to have 30 books!

Pray for me, would ya or at least think good thoughts!

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