To self publish or not to self publish, that is the question. Or is it?

To those writers out there that have a piece they are working on or have something done and ready to go, the question of whether to self publish or not is getting to be less and less of a question in my book.

EmpowHER highlights one ebook self publishing author who is doing quite well for herself, but has now decided to go with a standard publisher – interesting!

The Scholarlykitchen seems to be bending toward my view. The social media is such a strong force, it opens up avenues for so many people who are interested in publishing their work, it’s amazing. There is self help site that Amazon has started – Create Space, Borders has their site for ebook publishing – bookbrewer,  plus there are the companies that have been at it a while longer like Lulu’s and iuniverse, which is a branch of Barnes and Noble. {Note: when I wanted to get my printed book into B&N I could have done it automatically if I had used iuniverse to print it. Since I didn’t, there is a very long process to do this. On the other hand, Borders leaves it up to their local managers to decide what goes into their store – hence my preference for purchasing books at Borders. Plus Borders has a much better Rewards program than B&N.} I was also impressed with dogear publishing. But it was still a bit less expensive for me to do it the traditional way, since I have done a larger print run for both books and I had consulted with Goblin Fern Press for the publishing of my first book, so the second one was relatively easier to do.

I have used smashwords to epublish my books, but unless you want to spend the time to set it up per their guide – and for a longer book like mine it took quite a bit of time the first time (much faster the second), I would use the option they have to pay someone to set it up for you. I have found out recently that to epublish on Amazon, you have to use their service. I have yet to do this, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

The novelr touches on the economics of e-publishing. It intimates that you can make a lot of money with ebooks, but the catch is the same with ebooks or the regular paper kind; if you don’t have something someone (many someones really) wants, it doesn’t matter how you publish.

Then there is the marketing! That’s another whole story.


2 comments on “To self publish or not to self publish, that is the question. Or is it?

  1. voxnewman says:

    You’re right. The marketing is a whole other story. Writing the eBook is the easiest part, editing is second (these are easiest because they are fun in comparison to what comes after). The publishing is technical, but manageable and straight-forward. I used Smashwords, Amazon and Lulu. Smashwords formatting is key because if you do everything they say, they’kk distribute them to Amazon, Sony, Apple, Barnes and Noble etc… But the marketing is hard. First you have to watch a lot of Mad Men 😛

    But really, it sometimes feel as if you’re running through the woods blindfolded and naked, being chased by Mark Zuckerberg. I would say hiring a marketer is the first thing you should do if you can afford it (I can’t yet)

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