I sent a friend a special prayer today

For the last four or so weeks I have been listening to a series called Healing with the Masters. A woman by the name of Jennifer Mclean has set this up and hosts it. You listen to 24 different people [2 people/week] who have something to share (and something to sell – of course – but purchasing books, CD’s… is an option so having the opportunity to listen to these interesting people is really a good deal.)

Some of the speakers resonate with me and some of them don’t, but that’s human nature. But Jennifer did have a speaker on – an additional speaker – by the name of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. Mahendra has a foundation called the Trivedi Foundation, and his presentation made me stop and pause.

Guruji Mahendra, as he is called, is a guru in Indian who has done some amazing things. But the thing that really made me pay attention was his comments on how we have lost contact with our inner guidance or our source. I had been hearing these very same words from a man I highly respect, Wayne Dyer, for the last few days. I have been listening to an audio tape of his “power of intention” presentation and he talks a lot about connecting to source.

So how does this all lead to a special prayer? Well, Mahendra sells prayers. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, like I was, that sounds like an old practice I’ve heard about in the catholic church in midevil times – paying for blessings or dispensations or what every you want if your purse is heavy enough. But Mahendra doesn’t take any money from this, he gives it all to his foundation to pay for his experiments. (Though after some 2000 experiments already done on his work, I’m not sure why they have to keep trying to prove that the gift he has isn’t some sort of sideshow parlor trick.)

Anyway, yes, I’m a bit shy to admit it, I bought some prayers – 3 prayers actually, but I didn’t buy them for myself. I have a friend who has been struggling with cancer and I thought, well, what this man does with mango and cashew trees is amazing, how can it hurt to give these blessing to my friend if there is even a small chance that it could help her (and I do believe prayer from anyone, not just from this gentleman, can help people). So I bought some special prayers from a person that I would guess is much more connected to his source than I am.

I will continue to say my own prayer for my friend, but I’m hopeful that dropping my pride in the toilet and sending her these special prayers will make a difference in her life. I know it’s possible, so I can’t help but smile thinking about it. What a gift, eh?


3 comments on “I sent a friend a special prayer today

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    The only experiments done on Mr. Trivedi in the United States were conducted at the Materials Research Lab at Penn State in 2009. The tests concluded Mr. Trivedi had none of the abilities he claimed. His foreign “studies” were discredited as lacking controls. He promised to pay for the studies and never did. An eight month investigation of Trivedi is underway that has led to the FBI.

    Anyone following this blog can contact me directly: dennislang07@comcast.net. I’m the lead writer on the story. For further information on the Trivedi discovery see the website Purqi.com.

    • Interesting. Doesn’t change my mind though, since my friend went into remission after she started listening to his prayers and no medical treatment up to that point had done that for her. I’m not saying everything he does is lagit, but not everything that happens can be explained. We’ll see what the FBI come up with. Thanks for sharing.

      • Dennis Lang says:

        Thank you for your reply Ms. Keleny. Yes, ultimately for everyone to make up their own mind about these things and where to invest their hope and finances. In eight months however, not a single person has come forward with documented evidence that clinical change could be attributable only through the interaction of Mr. Trivedi. In fact just the opposite and numerous sources, principles in his Foundation have expressed unequivicably that Mr. Trivedi is fully aware of his exploitation that preys on vulnerabilites.

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