The Devil and Miss Prym

This is the only the second book I’ve read by Paulo Coelho and I was impressed with it as much as I was with The Alchemist.

This story is classic in that it is a fight between good and evil, as the title might imply. But the setting – a small village in some obscure Latin American country – and the circumstance (I won’t give this away) make it so real. Not that the circumstance is all that plausable in real life, but the conundrum the characters are put in is very real indeed. We all have probably daily instances of choices between good and evil, but they don’t usually, potentially end with someones death! (Have I said too much?!)

And to make it that much more fun, the book has a bit of a twist toward the end and a hint of magic throughout. Paulo is truely an accomplished story teller. I aspire to be as accomplished as Paulo is in telling a good tale.

 I would recommend this to anyone.


Let me know what you think!

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