Book Giveaway in honor of Armchair BEA (Book Expo America)

For you book fanatics out there, you probably already know about BEA (Book Expo America). For everyone else, it’s a yearly book expo for publishers that has taken place in either New York or somewhere in California for years. This year it is in New York, May 23-27. It’s where book people go to sell their wares and find out what’s new in the book world [and I’m sure there is lots, considering the wave of ebooks that are hitting the shelves – I mean screens!]. Being a small time publisher, this is not an event I would go to, it wouldn’t be worth the money to be there, though it would be a good excuse to visit a city that I truly enjoy. And I am not alone. A group called Armchair BEA has created a blog spot to participate in the event without leaving the comfort of your chair! How wonderful!

Armchair BEA is having things going on all week (check out their site for details). One of those things is a giveaway on Tuesday, May 24th. To get in on the fun, I have decided to give away my latest book – A Burnished Rose – (see post dated or go to my website which has just been released this month!

To enter, just come to this blog on Tuesday, May 24th, enter a comment on any of my posts (doesn’t matter which one) and at the end of the day I’ll pick one lucky person who will be getting a free, signed copy of A Burnished Rose. People who have read my first book – Rosebloom – and have already started reading the sequel – A Burnished Rose -have given me positive feed back, so I think you’ll like it.

See you Tuesday!


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