4:50 from Paddionton

I must say, as big a fan as I am of Agatha Christie, this wasn’t one of her better stories. This is a Miss Marple mystery, and I’m not sure if it’s because she doesn’t have the lovely old lady in much of the story but it just didn’t keep my interest as most of her stories do.

This story  starts with one of Miss M’s friends seeing a murder on train, as she it is moving next to her own train, so she can’t do anything about it. She tells the authorites when she gets off the train but no one believe the old woman – a body is never found. Well, her friend, Miss M believes her, of course.

Miss Marple feels she is too old for this adventure so she enlists the help of a very smart and industrious young woman, who does find the body. Then it slows up at this point as the inspector gathers clues w/o Miss Marple’s help.

He can’t figure out the answer himself, so in the end Miss M shows up again and, in her usual interesting style, saves the day. This isn’t the first Agatha mystry I’d pick up if I were you.


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