City of Ashes

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2)This is the second in a 4 books series that I started reading primarily because my daughter read them and enjoyed them. Most of the time our tastes match but not always. This series she liked better than me, but I just ordered book three from the library because I do plan on finishing these, so they aren’t bad. I could tell in book one – City of Angels – that it was written for teens, and I didn’t like the funny names for some creatures that live among us that we can’t see (too contrived and hard to pronounce in my head so I just give up on that), but overall, the first two books have been entertaining. The only thing I don’t like about book two is that the main character’s mother is conveniently in a self-induced comma through the whole book. This helps the story because there are hints dropped here and there that the two main love interests might not what they appear, and she would be the one who knows the answer to that story. And it is very odd that when these hints are dropped, these characters don’t question what they’ve heard. If you can ignore such things, it’s still kind of fun to read.

I’ll let you know now book three and four go.


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