City of Fallen Angels

This is book four in the mortal instruments series, and as my daughter said, the end does leave you hanging. I pulled up Cassandra’s web site and there are going to be two more books after this one so that explains the ending. And it’s a good hanging ending – a person really has no idea what’s going to happen, partly because what is happening in the end requires you to stretch that agreement of belief a bit. But it is a story about modern day vampire, werewolf, worlock keepers, so what should one expect.

I enjoyed book four with one exception, in the beginning the main love interest, Jace, avoids his counterpart, Clary, because he is having bad dreams that he is harming her when they are making out. I suppose it’s supposed to add tension to their relationship but it only makes me frustrated. It’s not like if they see each other they’re instantly going to make out, and thus open up the possibility that he’s going to harm her. It’s only after he actually does try to harm her during a little more racy make out scene that Jace and Clary do something about the problem. (Cassandra is good at doling out the love scene, increaseing the intensity of the encounter without making it over the top for the YA readers these books are written for.) Of course, they don’t ask any adult for help, the teens in these books are a very independent lot, but they do go to the right people for help, the mysterious silent brothers. But the bad guys, new ones in this book, are really old –  one is like the beginning of mankind old – and thus really bad, so they are able to keep their spell on Jace long enough for him to help them in their plan.

Overall it was entertaining, but I’m not sure if it’s entertaining enough for me to keep reading. My daughter probably will read book five. I’ll just wait until she reads it so I can pick her brain and decide if I want to continue the series.

Let me know what you think!

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