Another Interesting Animal Encounter

Okay, interesting animal encounter number two – this one I’ve never seen before!

So I’m mowing with the big mower again, this time in the pasture – right next to the field I was mowing in when the swallows did their lovely dance the other day. I look over toward the field and probably fifty yards away I see an animal who looks like they are in very tall grass – I see their head and the top of their back only as they are making their way across the field. I squint to try and see what the animal is. It looks like a deer but the longer I look the more I decide it is not, but I can’t tell what it is. I also realize about now that it can’t be anything of any size because that grass is cut!

Now I’m perplexed. (Do people still say perplexed?) I can’t really tell what it is, so I get off the mower and slip under the first of two fences to see what this thing really is. It sees me by now and has stopped to watch what I’m doing. I am still coming closer so what does it do? It stands up! It was crawling, yes crawling across the cut field toward a grove of trees. It is a coyote!

Not like this one (thought mine was wily, it wasn’t Wile E.!).

More like this. My husband thinks it was stalking something. I don’t know much about coyotes, so I’ll take his word on that, but it was the oddest thing I have ever seen. My husband also said bucks will do this to avoid being seen. Now that I would like to see!



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