Layers of Moments by Kimberly Blanchette

I was pleased to participate in the annual Sterling North Book Festival a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t a guest speaker (what were they thinking?) but I was selling my books at their book sale. The Sterling North Book Festival is one of the few book festival left in Wisconsin, so I like to show up there to support it. Plus, I always like to go where readers are. I hadn’t sold my book in this type of environment for about a year, and I forgot how much fun it is to talk to people who like to read, and especially people who like to read historic fiction, which is what I really enjoy to write and talk about ( It’s also interesting to visit with other authors. One of those authors I visited with was someone who I had met at this same book festival a few years ago. We had talked in the past, but this time we made an additional connection.  I suggested we swap books and give each other a review. She was really up for it, which is great. You would be surprised how hard it is to get someone to review a book, even if they tell you how much they loved it. Taking that next step to write a review is hard. I don’t think people really understand how much it means to all authors, especially us independent authors.

So here I go. This is a review of Kimberly Blanchette’s book Layers of Moments.I always stop at Kimberly’s book table because she has a wonderful display of her photographs. They always draw me in. Many of the pictures look like they are taken out west – the Dakota’s, Wyoming area – and I really enjoy the expansive simplicity of this area. So now I had her book in my hand, and I got to read her poetry as well. The first poem I read was the last one, and I think it might be my favorite. Here it is:

The Conversation

The Chirp


The Meadow Cricket

Is The Conversation

To Which There


Only Two participants-



The Voice


The Divine






The Questions

I Need Answered

Are Painted

In The Sky


In The Clouds

Can You See Them? 

This poem is accompanied by a black and white picture of a cloud filled sky. All the pictures in this book are black and white. To be honest, I think her photography has improved over time. This book was printed in 2006 and many of the pictures seemed a bit dark and not as crisp as I like for black and white photos, but maybe that had something to do with the printing process. The photos I saw on her sale table a couple weeks ago where more dynamic and had that sharp crispness I like with black and white photograph . From Kimberly’s website it looks like she’s printed a new book of poems and photos called Naked, but she didn’t have that book at the festival so I can’t tell you about it. What I would recommend to Kimberly is when she does a reprint of Layers of Moments, redo the photos or get a different printer (what ever the issue is), I don’t think they represent the skill she obviously has with the camera. The poems are nice just as they are!


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