Albert Einstein

I belong to the website “Goodreads” (which I highly recommend to anyone who loves to read), and they just started a quote of the day offering. I thought – why not. A simple way to learn something new, and perhaps even be inspired.

Todays quote I had to share. It was from Albert Einstein, a person I enjoy reading and learning about. A person that frequently crosses my path in interesting ways. I’ve used his idea of relativity often in my other job as a physical therapist, and he has some interesting views on spirituality (which I think actually mixes with the relativity thing quite well!).

Anyway, here is his quote:

The young Albert courtesy of

“Life is like riding a bicycle. It keep your balance you have to keep moving.”

I like that. Leave it to Einstein to be thinking about moving objects then to correlate that with life. I can’t see how anyone can argue this thought. Anyone or anything that is stagnant – in any way you want to look at it – does not do well in the long run.

Thanks Albert – again.


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