The Sun Prairie Literary and Mocha Latte Society

The Sun Prairie Literary and Mocha Latte Society

I recently spent a delightful evening with a local book club that calls themselves The Sun Prairie Literary and Mocha Latte Society. They tell me the name has to something to do with the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, but I haven’t read that book yet, so I personally don’t get it. Of course it doesn’t matter. It’s a group of women who have been getting together for years; I know it’s been at least 4 years because I visited their group after they read my first book Rosebloom in 2008. And when I published the sequel this spring- A Burnished Rose – they read (or mostly read) it and wanted me to visit again. That is pretty special. It’s special because these women are still together and still making connections with other women, not only me, but they had a new member joining them the evening I joined them. These women, as most of the women I have met at the other book clubs I have visited, are very inviting and welcoming. You get a sense that here you are being accepted for who you are. I am their guest, so of course they are being courteous to me, but they are also courteous to each other. Hard not to enjoy myself in such an environment.

The other things these books clubs are, are places to gather and share. Often this group would get off on different tangents: what’s happening at work, what so and so’s daughter is doing, and the fun thing for me are the tangents that are created by the topics we are discussing related to the book. It turns out one of the women in the group is also corresponding with someone in prison, as I am. Interesting.

Thank you ladies, and I look forward to meeting you again when book III is done. I will wear my sweatshirt proudly!

Let me know what you think!

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