Special Book Prices – In time for the holiday

This is the only time this Holiday I will do any self promotion of my books. I have just discounted my books in time for the holiday season (both hard copy and ebooks!).

You can get Rosebloom – book I in the Rose series – for $14.95 and A Burnished Rosebook II in the Rose series – for $16.95 – Almost $3 off the price of the book and shipping. If you want both books, you can get them for the special price of $28.95! All these prices include shipping!

Both of my stories are historic fiction, so if you are a history buff and reading history books is a little dry, try these books.

What are the books about?

I’m glad you asked.

(Here’s the inside poop!)

Rosebloom follows an almost 16 year old girl by the name of Rose in 1936 who runs away from home and get a job on a Mississippi River boat. She goes down the river, spending time in St. Louis and New Orleans. To research this book, I traveled over 3000 miles and visited Gelena, Ill, Savanah, Ill, St. Louis, MO, and New Orleans before Katrina hit. Via  serendipity and Henry Evan – a model river boat maker – and Betty Gordon – a librarian at the Mercantile library at the University of ST. Louis  – I was introduced to a 93 year old woman by the name of Mary who was a purser on the riverboat Capital, that I use in my story – one of the few paddle boats left of the Mississippi in the late thirties. I also developed a friendship with Louise Bryce who was a teen in ST. Louis in the late 30s. Both women gave me some great insights I could never get reading books. I also spoke with Earl and Marilyn Rybarczyk of Prairie du Chien, who were teens in Prairie in the late thirties.

In A Burnished Rose, Rose completes her high school education, goes to nursing school in Baton Rouge and eventually becomes a nurse in WWII. As a nurse, Rose follows the path of the 95th Evacuation Hospital from North Africa, to Italy, Southern France and eventually into Germany. After the war the 95th even helped the ex-prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp outside of Munich. Those nurses had quite the experience, living in tents in the >100 degree heat of North Africa to the below zero temperatures of France and Germany. I was very lucky to talk with Marcy Korda of Minnesota who just turned ninety and gave me my picture for my cover. (Marcy in on the far right.) Marcy was an OR nurse in the 95th. She is a wonderful woman, and I consider her a friend. I have also been in correspondence with Lillian Scheppler of MO, also a 95th hospital nurse. Lillian and her daughter Jill have been helping me with book III in the Rose series (as yet untitled – titles always are one of the last things that come to me with a story).

For you ebook readers, you can get Rosebloom for $2.99 and A Burnished Rose for $3.99 on Smashwords (which is for Kobo, itunes, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and more) and on Amazon, of course for you Kindle owners.

So if you need that special gift, or you get some cash for xmas and you want to give yourself a gift, consider helping out an independent author and publisher.

And one last plug – it really helps us independent folks if you leave a review on your favorite website: Amazon, B & N, Goodreads.

Ok – that’s it. I’m done with the promotion thing, now everyone, please be careful over the holidays – not too much imbibing, dancing, eating… – and enjoy your family and your time off.

(p.s. – don’t you think the snow is so cool?!)


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