Okay, it’s decided

Okay, it’s decided. I’m not voting for Mit.

I don’t usually like to talk politics (or religion) in polite company, but this is too important not to speak up. It has to do with “Glitterati” – a national movement trying to stand up against bigotry and anti-gay politics. Members of this group of protesters throw glitter on politicians who they feel are making  anti-gay statements or who they feel are bigots. So who are these Glitteratiers targeting? Well, currently the Republicans that are currently crossing our nation at lightening speed, though not fast enough for these stealthy glitter bombers.

This brings me to my decision not to vote for Mit (not that I would ever vote for Mit, but that’s not the point).

When Rick Santorum was hit with glitter last week he commented by saying: “This is an exciting time. I’m happy for a celebration. This is confetti. We just won Florida!”

When Newt and his wife were glitterized, his comment was appropriate when he said: “Nice to live in a free country.” (on a side note – Newt? Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich but who names their kid Newt?!) Thought Newt did say that glitter bombing “is clearly an assault and should be treated as such.”

Gerald Herbert/AP (NPR)

This brings me to Mr. Romney. After Mit was glitter bombed last week by a Colorado college student, he was arrested and charged with causing a disturbance, an unlawful act on school property, and wait for this last one – throwing a missile. Really Mit?! If you happen to get into any office of power in your lifetime, please put someone else in charge of defending our country; glitter missiles are not a legitimate weapon. Or are they? Stay tuned on the fate of this missile throwing college student!


3 comments on “Okay, it’s decided

  1. nickrolynd says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. If a “glitter bomb” can be considered “a missile,” anything can be considered a missile.

    A marshmallow would do more damage than a glitter bomb. Does that make marshmallows dangerous missiles?

    Seriously, America? Seriously?

  2. Lisa Mueller says:

    Love it! I am with you my 1960’s liberal girlfriend! Lisa

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