Photo Friday!

I decided to start a “Photo Friday” blog or reblog in this case. I thought it would be a fun way to share pictures that I like from others and few (when I get lucky) from myself. I also think the name is catchy. I think this is a wonderful photo for many reason. Photobotos titles it “Drop of Innocence.” The one of the big innocence I see here is how right now, this little boy’s number one person is his mother. When he is a man, what will she be to him – at minimal someone, unlike himself or other men, that is subjected to wear this black robe.



***Note:  Just a quick head’s up that PhotoBotos will be upgrading and moving from to on 3/16/12 (Friday).  Everything will remain the same except that our daily photos will no longer load to your “Home Dashboard”.  Please save to your favorites or sign up for our daily email reminders if you typically look for us only on your dashboard.  The vast majority of our friends won’t notice any difference!  We will keep the “dust” to a minimum during this transition and will continue to provide our community with the absolute best in travel photography!***

“Drop of Innocence” – Sitra, Bahrain – Isa Ebrahim – Featured Photographer

Emotion is what makes a successful photograph.  Having the viewer feel something, anything, is the goal of a photographer when he releases the shutter.  This image delivers in spades.  Not to get too political, but I hope by the…

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