BB Book Club

Had a fun evening with a group of ladies who, for last night at least I am dubbing the  BB Book Club ladies. (Inside joke. Do you book club ladies get it?). This is a group that has been meeting for at least five years! That’s a long time.

It was fun talking about my book with you – Rosebloom – eating some wonderful food (if you eat that well every time you meet, I am definitely joining!), mixed with a little sangria and many laughs it was a good time. There are so many things I find out in my research for my books that I don’t get to put in the books, it is nice to share it with someone. Plus all the serendipitous events that happened when writing both books. Thanks ladies, and I look forward to returning after you’ve read the sequel – A Burnished Rose. (or maybe sooner!)

p.s. Thanks for the lovely gifts. You didn’t have to do that! {Um – Amy, I’m embarrassed to ask, but what are they?!}

p.s.s. Don’t forget, us independent authors love book reviews on Amazon, B & N, Smashwords, Goodreads – you name the site, I’ll love it!

p.s.s.s. (is that even correct?) I would love to see your past reading list.  Some of those book really sounded interesting.


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