A Dam in Thailand that will amaze you (or is that a damned amazing photo)

dam picture

Photo by Anan Charoenkal on photobotos

Isn’t this amazing! Unfortunately, Anan doesn’t say much about this other than it is a Dam in Rayong Thailand that is used to irrigate crops in the rainy season. The two men are fisherman. I’m not sure what they are standing on or if they are actually fishing, but it is a very interesting Dam and a very interesting perspective.


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  1. wow. nice

    • Isn’t that amazing. I would like to see a wider view. It’s really hard to understand how that dam works. Of course, in person would be nice too!

  2. They are not standing on nothing. If you look closely you will see that they have water (which is brown) to the level of their knees

    • But what I can figure out is how this dam works. I’d like to see a panoramic shot to get the whole picture of the thing and what they are standing on. But the photo is good no matter what.

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