Photo Friday

First Contact by Christopher Wright

I really like this image and the title the photographer gave it. It just fits.

I would envision a conversation between these two going something like this:

After a long pause, young girl touches the glass, the manatee raises and “arm” slightly  in response. The girl smiles.



“What’s your name?”

There is a pause

“Name? Let me think on that a moment.”

Another pause

“Let’s go with Mika.”

“I’m Mary.”

Another pause

“Are you a girl or a boy?”

“I’m a girl.”

With a big smile, “Me too!”

Girl hears her name in the distance. She looks around to see where it’s coming from.

“I gotta go. My mommy wants me.”

Mary touches the glass.

“Bye, bye!”

Mika lifts an arm.


(This photo was taken from


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