For potential authors out there: I think JW has some wise words to share.

(The only thing I disagree with as a fiction writer is that you need to promote your books AND yourself. If you write non-fiction, it’s easier to sell yourself as an “expert.” In fiction, your finished product illustrates your expertise.)

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After you make the decision to become a writer there are a few things you need to know. First don’t quit your day job. Unless you are a famous personality, the chances of making a living when you start are slim. There are exceptions of course but they are few and far between. With the changes in the industry the big agents and publishers are no longer looking for raw talent to develop. Instead they look for polished, professionally edited manuscripts, before they even consider the work.


My next suggestion is to grow a thick skin. Expect and prepare yourself for rejections. Even if your manuscript is polished and edited, your work will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Critics will outnumber endorsers; it is just the nature of the business. This is hard to swallow, especially when you think you have written a best-selling novel. Until you find…

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