The Rosetta Key by William Dietrich

rosesta keyI picked this book up just by chance. I needed a new audio book to listen to and I have liked the adventure stories, aka Indian Jones series, so I thought I’d give this a try.

Genre: Adventure (#2 in the Ethan Gage series – I didn’t read #1)

Blurb: (From Goodreads) Surviving murderous thieves, a nerve-racking sea voyage, and the deadly sands of Egypt with Napoleon’s army, American adventurer Ethan Gage solved a five-thousand-year-old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion. But the danger is only beginning. . . .

Gage finds himself hurled into the Holy Land in dogged pursuit of an ancient Egyptian scroll imbued with magic, even as Bonaparte launches his 1799 invasion of Israel, which will climax at the epic siege of Acre. Pursuing Napoleon to France, where the general hopes ancient secrets will catapult him to power, the wily and inventive Gage faces old enemies with unlikely new friends, and must use wit, humor, derring-do, and an archaeological key to prevent dark powers from seizing control of the world.

What I didn’t like: Sometimes all the riddles and puzzles were a bit confusing, though maybe this is so you don’t think about them to much so you don’t see that they are just a lot of guessing or hoping on the character’s parts. The main thing that was disappointing was after they went through quite a lot to get the item they were seeking, the item is just one of 10 or so items (I forgot the exact number) and is like a table of contents for these items. It isn’t the wealth or knowledge they worked so hard to get.  (I don’t want to give anything away her so I am being vague). I ending is also a bit blah – doesn’t really make we want to pick up the next book. I could, it would be an okay read, but not a must have. (Oh, and as an aside – Ethan Gage, the main rouge in the story, sleeps with a virgin he proposes to love then leaves her without so much as a kiss goodbye. Bad man. Very Bad man. The author tries to redeem him by having him propose to said woman later in the story, but I still don’t buy it. No redemption in my eyes.)

What I liked: It was well written – good dialogue, generally good story, it definitely moves right along. Very creative scenes, and as many characters repeat throughout the story, it seems that Ethan Gage can not be killed. It’s okay though, you do want him to carry on, and his near death experiences are not too far-fetched. It was nice that I didn’t have to read the first book to enjoy this one. I also enjoyed the narrator, Jeff Woodman. He easily convinced me of the characters he portrayed.

Rating: 3.5/5


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