Rainwater by Sandra Brown

rainwaterI picked this up by chance. I had not heard of Sandra Brown. I needed another audio-book to listen to and the few I have ordered from the library hadn’t arrived yet, so I picked up this one. I’m glad I did.

Genre: historical fiction

Blurb: (from Goodreads) The year is 1934. With the country in the stranglehold of drought and economic depression, Ella Barron runs her Texas boardinghouse with an efficiency that ensures her life will be kept in balance. Between chores of cooking and cleaning for her residents, she cares for her ten-year-old son, Solly, a sweet but challenging child whose misunderstood behavior finds Ella on the receiving end of pity, derision, and suspicion. When David Rainwater arrives at the house looking for lodging, he comes recommended by a trusted friend as “a man of impeccable character.” But Ella senses that admitting Mr. Rainwater will bring about unsettling changes.

What I didn’t like: It was a little slow to start but not much.

What I liked: It was a good story overall: good and an uncommon  character in the main character’s son – Solly – who was probably autistic but was considered an “idiot” in the 1930s, (mostly) believable story line, interesting backdrop of the depressive south, nice couple twists at the end. Victor Slezak was the narrator and did a nice job. I will definitely be picking up another one of Sandra’s books.

Rating: 4.5/5


5 comments on “Rainwater by Sandra Brown

  1. Do you do a lot of driving, hence listening to audio books? I can’t focus on two things at once, so when I listen to an audio book and drive (for example), I either forget about driving or don’t remember the story. So I don’t listen while driving. 🙂

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