Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

This is supposed to be a classic and the movie Apocalypse Now was supposed to have been based on this book, so I thought I’d give it a try

heart of dGenre: fiction

Blurb: (from the audio book jacket) “Acclaimed as one of the great, albeit disturbing, visionary works of Western civilization, Joseph Conrad’s haunting tale dramatizes the ugly realities of British colonial imperialism. Charlie Marlow, a seaman, is sent by an ivory company to retrieve a cargo boat and one of its employees, Mr. Kurtz, who is stranded deep in the heart of the Belgian Congo. Marlow’s  journey up the treacherous, dark river soon becomes a struggle to maintain his own sanity as he witnesses the brutalization of the natives by white traders and discovers the enigmatic Mr. Kurtz. Kurtz, once a genius and the company’s most successful representative, has transformed into an atrocious savage and traded his soul to become ruler of his own horrific sovereignty, free from the conventions of European culture.”

What I liked: That it was short and the narrator, Scott Brick did a wonderful Marlow.

What I didn’t like: I’m not sure who wrote that blurb, but they sold me and whoever else reads this book a bill of goods. What brutalization? who was a atrocious savage…? I’m not sure what book he/she read, but it wasn’t this one. This is one of those “classics” that it is so dull it has to be a classic or it would have gone out of print. Whenever you see “visionary works” beware. I tried to figure out the point of this story but I must be too dull. I just couldn’t do it. I tried, I really did. I listened to the whole thing, thinking I’d get it as some point, but I never did. This is one of those books that you pick apart in a literature class because otherwise there would be no point in reading it. I never saw Apocalypse Now – I heard it was very brutal and I’m not into brutal – so I’m not sure what Francis F. Coppola was smoking when he adapted his movie from this book, but it must have been good stuff.

Rating: 1/5

Let me know what you think!

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