Father’s Day Remeberance

My father was a staff Sargent in the 3rd Armored in WWII – a tank division. He was in the Battle of the Bulge but wasn’t in on the Normandy invasion. His company came a bit later to help push into France. His job was to take some men and go a head of the army to figure out where the Germans were.

Lloyd Keleny with his parents

Lloyd Keleny with his parents

These are some of his recollections (He was answering questions that a distant relative was asking for a school project):


“Greeting – Molly Meuer

… As I started to answer your questions I realized that it has been 53 years since the end of world war II. Some of my memories seem to be as vivid as the instant they occurred and some are starting to fad from memory.

I thank you for the opportunity to pass this information on!

I know that you will get a good grade – Your typing is real neat!

Thanks again

Your Great Uncle Lloyd J Keleny

[ I don’t have Molly’s questions, but here are the answers]

#1 – On Dec. 7, 1941 I was with my father and Mother, in a car, and heard that the Japanese had Bombed Pearl Harbor.

#2 – I was drafted and the number they gave me was 36286901 – this number was put on what we called a dog tag – they were hung around our neck – for identifying the Dead! The tag also gave our type of blood and religious affiliation.

#3 – No – I was not a bit scared to join the Army. Though I may have been apprehensive not knowing what lay ahead.

#4 I think that the turning point in the war was the Naval Battle of Midway.

#5 – The Worst Battle, in my mind, probably was the one I was in that occurred during our attempted Spearhead into the German position. Somewhere past the French town of St. Lo France. It occurred at night. I was in the 3rd Armored Infantry and at night, when the circumstance was right, I would crawl under one of our tanks to sleep. Well, to shorten this a bit, let me just say that they shot 3 tanks from above me and each tank caught fire when hit with an armor piercing shell, probably a German 88 antitank gun did the damage. That is why our Sherman tanks got the nickname of Ronson, after the Ronson lighter, because they lite up so quickly.

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