The Red Velvet Box on Holiday Cafe

Come read The Red Velvet Box, by chapters, on It’s a heartwarming story for any age. rough10


2 comments on “The Red Velvet Box on Holiday Cafe

  1. jaynehubbell says:

    I loved reading the Red Velvet Box. I am working on my very first attempt as a writer of a book. I am hoping to get it finished soon. I love to read and want to know if you are going to continue the story of the Red Velvet Box? I hope so. I plan on checking out your other books. It is hard to write a book and I have found that out. I am getting encouragement from my friends and hope to have it finished by the last of August. Wish me luck. I enjoyed visiting The Holiday Café.

    • I think they said the next installment of the story was coming out in August, so check back with Holiday Cafe then.

      Writing isn’t as easy as it may appear – or at least writing something that is entertaining. I have a writers blog too, where I pass along topics that are pertinent to writing and self-publishing at Check it out. It might help you along your journey to publication. Good luck and, most of all, have fun!

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