The Ebb and Flow of Life

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean

This bit was sent to me by a woman by the name of Jennifer McLean. She has a program call Healing with the Master. It’s a free thing where she offers one hour discussions with spiritual/transcendent/enlightened folks of our time. Sometimes the offerings are…well lets just be polite and say…Different! Sometimes these folks can offer some wonderful insights. This note from Jennifer is one of those times.

I thought I’d send this little note and process to you today to remind you that we all share this juicy adventure of life and its peaks and valleys…
When we are feeling “low,” we often perceive that we are in a “low” place. But, by remembering that we are just in a different place of vibrational energy, we can love ourselves and accept where we are, knowing that this space of compression is preparing us for our next point of expansion.
Think of how a beautiful ocean wave rolls in and splashes us then recedes as we adjust. The space between waves is our time to adjust for the next and the next and the next, and each differs in pace, strength, and frequency.
If/when you are feeling low, use this following process to raise your vibration and accept the place in which you are:
Open your arms and stretch them apart, above your head, towards the sky as if you’re embracing and saluting the sun. Notice how your chest widens and feel that stretch in your back as your shoulder blades roll down and your chest opens up.  
Breathe in this place of expansion. Can you feel it?  Feel this expansion. 
Imagine holding that for 12 straight hours. It would hurt… because we are not meant to hold expansion forever.
Now slowly bring it all the way in and then move into a kind of fetal position where your head is tucked under, your palms are hugging you, your arms are hugging you. Doesn’t it feel safe in this fetal position?
Breathe in this place of compression. Can you feel it? Feel this place of compression.
Compression is a sign for a child to be born. Compression is winter.  None of it is bad or wrong…  It’s just compression.
Expansion and compression are the dance of life… Take it to its fullest point and then bring it in to that point of compression. And then expand as if your wings are expanding.
When a bird isn’t flying, it’s wings are not spread. It would hurt.  When you’re flying, your wings are spread.  When you’re not, you’re resting.  Resting.
So you get to choose if that point of rest is bad. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just a point of inertia. Maybe you’re just supposed to rest. Maybe you’re supposed to be in the void. Maybe you’re not depressed. Maybe you’re just in a place of inertia.
Remember that the frequency and pace of things coming at us is all perfect because we are ready for it and can handle it.
It may be different than before, but we are in a place of energetic vibration that is completely enabling us to not only handle and manage it, but ride on it. And I know this is true because none of it would be here if we weren’t ready.
So, will you ride the wave of life and expand your evolutionary track?
In love, light and laughter,

Jennifer McLean

CEO McLean MasterWorks

Host, Healing With The Masters

Author, Healer, Entrepreneur

by Matt Molloy from hovercraftdoggy

by Matt Molloy from hovercraftdoggy


2 comments on “The Ebb and Flow of Life

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I can never be reminded too often to breathe and be mindful.

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