Read A Book, Make A Difference – RABMAD

I came across a website recently that I would like to share. It’s called Read a Book, Make a Difference.

charity1-300x209This is from their “about” page:

What exactly is RABMAD? Well, other than being a semi-cool (and not completely forgettable) acronym, RABMAD stands for Read a Book, Make a Difference.  Shortening the name helps in a lot of ways: number of characters typed to arrive here, space on bumper stickers, etc. (For the record, you can also get here the intuitive, long-hand way—

RABMAD is the brainchild of author R.S. Guthrie. The concept is not new, however. Giving back. Returning success to the people.

Writers making a difference.

The concept is simple. Most avid readers are going to purchase another book. Why not give them an additional option of supporting some up and coming writers, knowing that in doing so, their hard-earned dollars not only get them a great read, but will also help someone in need with their plight?

That is what RABMAD is all about. Promoting authors who are giving back from the sales of their books. Writers who give a percentage of their net proceeds to their own chosen cause,  non-profit, or charity.

What you will find on this site is an ever-growing portfolio of talented writers who care. You will be able to browse their bios, their books, and their causes. RABMAD will link you to their author websites, Amazon pages, twitter following, and other author-related places.


I think this is very cool (I know I’m dating myself with that word but I can’t think of a better one at the moment), and since I have done this  – in my case, donating a portion of the sale of each book I sell to the education of poor children – I thought I’d join. My profile is here with a picture of some very funny and cute boys. So if you’re a reader, consider checking out some of these authors. If you’re writer and you use some of your book sales to help others, consider joining.


2 comments on “Read A Book, Make A Difference – RABMAD

  1. Neat. Thanks for the link. It feels good to support authors who are supporting worthy causes! 🙂

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