Did you know it’s Ada Lovelace Day?

And who is Ada Lovelace might you ask? (And no, she is not related to the other Lovelace we all know.)

Good question. I had no idea until a few moments ago, but since I have a maturing girl nerd in my home (no, it’s not me), I thought I ought to educate you-all about Ada.

From Wikipedia

Augusta Ada Byron – From Wikipedia

Ada Lovelace was born Augusta Ada Byron, December 10th, 1815 in London, England. The interesting thing is she was a writer and a mathematician. She is best known for her help on an “Analytical Engine” that a gentleman by the name of Charles Babbage had been working on – a very large machine that was created to perform arithmetic operations.

also from Wikipedia

A trial of the “Engine” also from Wikipedia

It is said that Lovelace’s published article on this machine was  Alan Turing’s inspiration, in the 1940s, for building the first modern computer.

How cool is that.

You go Girl!

3 comments on “Did you know it’s Ada Lovelace Day?

  1. Jon F. Isenberg says:

    Very cool story! Jon

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