So this is how memories are made…

I thought this would be fun to share on All Hallows Eve! Thanks for the laugh, Lorna!

Lorna's Voice

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in advertising, unless you count the time when the top button on my blouse somehow came undone. I’ll admit, it was an effective campaign, but not one that was either unprecedented in professional affairs attire or intentional. I think to be a geniusoid in the ad business, originality and conscious thought are important skills.

End of Disclaimer.

The other day I received a catalog in the mail. This is not, in and of itself, blogworthy. I’ve been inundated with email and regular mail offers from all kinds of stores since we reached the “Official Holiday Season,” which began on or about January 1.

But this one catalog caught my eye. It was for high-end cutlery (knives and other sharp stuff for those not familiar with hoity-toity culinary terminology–cooking lingo).

Again, no big deal.

It was the message on the front of this brochure that…

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