How Reading Boosts Your Brainpower

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Yes, I got this off a Senior Living Blog, and yes, I have my AARP card, though if you ask me in public, I’ll deny it, but I thought all those readers out there would appreciate reading about all the positives related to reading. Besides, it another very good excuse to stay up and read just a little more!

How Reading Boosts Your Brainpower.

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5 comments on “How Reading Boosts Your Brainpower

  1. Christine, something wonky is happening on your blog. The same message about supporting “net neutrality” comes up and the screen acts as if it is trying to load something but can’t. It’s only happening on your site. I’ve read about 45 blogs today and haven’t seen anything like this.

    • It’s to make people aware of the internet neutrality. Here is what it’s about:
      The Federal Communications Commission has proposed rules that would, for the first time, expressly allow internet providers — like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T — to charge internet companies like Automattic, Netflix or Etsy for access to their subscribers. This means there could be “fast lanes” for companies who are able to pay providers for preferred internet access, while everyone else gets stuck in the “slow lane”…which means applications won’t perform as quickly, webpages will load slowly, and of course, buffering. A slow “still loading” spinner will be an unfortunate, but common sight on the new, closed internet that the big providers want.

      You can go to for more information.

    • But thanks for letting me know! That was very nice of you!

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