Photo Phriday

It’s fall here in Wisconsin, so I had to share a fall photo. Betty Davidson supplied me with another lovely picture she took  (my guess in Minnesota somewhere since that is where she lives), so I thought I’d share it. Most of those ducks in the picture are coots. Coots always remind me of fall. I grew up on a lake in Madison, WI and every fall duck that normally wouldn’t be there would grace us with their presence. Coots aren’t anything special to look at, they are all black with whitish beaks, but they make a very nice beep, beep, beep sound. And when there is a large group of them, like in this picture, the sound is quite loud.Betty Davidson, coots on the lake

5 comments on “Photo Phriday

  1. That picture could be taken around here. Fall is fall. I love the colors and the geese enjoying a rest. Or are they ducks?

  2. Betty Davidson says:

    Hi Christine – thanks for sharing my photo. It is quite a site to see all these American Coots in a circle swimming together. I have never seen them before. I learned from a Park Ranger friend that they are American Coots and they are actually not a duck but classified in a family of birds called Rallidae. Its grouped with Rails, Moorhens, other coots. They are native to Minnesota and well as many other states and most of Canada. They must be migrating through to the south. These was taken in the Vadnais Heights Snail Lake regional park area in the Twin Cities- Minnesota. They are rather shy little birds but I have managed to get some close up pictures of them. They are really rather sweet.

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