Yusuf/Cat Stevens @NPRMusic Tiny Desk Concerts

I know it’s not old tune tuesday, but I came across this on Daniel’s blog and I wanted to share it. I’m a Cat Stevens fan and I like live music.
Thanks Daniel.

writing in airplanes

It seems like everyone of a certain age has a Cat Stevens story or remembrance. His songs Sad Lisa and Moonshadow were among the first music I sang in coffeehouses and at parties with my old pal Don Brody. Watching this session with Yosuf/Cat Stevens on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, I was moved like host Bob Boilen thinking about how Steven’s music influenced me. It was pure emotion at a time when I was open to feeling and discovering who I was as a person. Stevens was away from the music scene for a long time but his music never left me. Listening to him now brings me back to feelings I am grateful to experience again. Thank you, Yusuf. And thank you Bob Boilen for crying with me over Father and Son.

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2 comments on “Yusuf/Cat Stevens @NPRMusic Tiny Desk Concerts

  1. Betty Davidson says:

    Love Cat Stevens! I really don’t care for music today- give me the singers back in the day when voice quality and talent really mattered.

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