Alan Rickman (AKA Professor Snape to many)

I didn’t post about the passing of David Bowie, though I enjoy his music and his creative style, but I couldn’t be silent about Alan Rickman. I so enjoyed him in the Harry Potter films, but he was in many many more (Die Hard, Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility, Sweeny Todd, Galaxy Quest – one of my most favorites…)  and I enjoyed him in any that I saw.


So hold up your wands, all you Snape fans out there. And if you want to hear a bit more about Mr. Rickman, listen to this piece about him from NPR.

(Thanks to Michele from for the wand photo)

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  1. Alan Rickman was a wonderful actor and person – so sad to hear about his death. So many great movies. Truly, Madly, Deeply was one of my favorites – a sweet, little romance with Juliet Stevenson.

    • I haven’t seen that one. i’ll try it. I’d recommend Galaxy quest. It brings me to tears I laugh so hard.

      • Galaxy Quest is wonderful! He was so versatile. I’ll have to watch that again.

  2. Still shocked he’s gone, such a great actor!

    • So unfortunate to loose such talent as well as David Bowie.

  3. Is it me, or are there lots of people dying lately? I know people die all the time, but I guess I’m getting to that age when people I recognize/grew up watching/listening to are reaching the end of the road.

  4. Last week with David Bowie and Alan Rickman really shocked me to my core. Both were avid readers and so erudite, passionate about their work and their fans. Both will be missed, but it is definitely Rickman who I will mourn the most. He is in some of my favorite movies of all time and was the epitome of Severus Snape. Such a loss.

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