I just want to f*cking color

An apt thought for a Sunday, I think.

Musings of a mad woman

“I just want to fucking color”

At age 3 the world is an amazing place. Full of the unexpected, every minute is filled with hundreds of new sights, sounds, and smells. Imagine if you could turn it off for a few minutes. Peter did just that on this day. I learned probably one of the applicable statement for living from a disobedient child who genuinely just wanted to finish a task.

It’s a short story, at the height of one of my manic episodes so he spent the day in daycare so I could get that amazing tattoo I needed (story for later). My husband arrived to pick up our 3 year old and was pulled aside by his teacher. She questioned him a bit about whom he spends time around because of his vocabulary. She preceded to explain he had used the “F” word. Of course, embarrassed my husband…

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6 comments on “I just want to f*cking color

  1. Thank you for sharing my son’s wisdom, lol 😉

    • As they say, “out of the mouths of babes…”
      My child’s teaching was when my husband was saying something disparaging about our weird neighbor. Her reply from her car seat “He’s somebody’s friend, Dad.”
      How true. Weirdos have friends too.

      • Lol, well my kids have been born and raised on Marine Corps bases…. “cuss like a sailor” has nothing on Marines. We can’t even go to church without hearing bad words, lol. I laugh, but actually it makes me a bit sad. The good news is my kids are the ones now to call out the young Marines for their lauguage around children. Now that is a story I need to tell that came from this encounter. Once young Peter learned what bad word were he immediately became the police.

  2. I love to color, too!

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