Midwest Book Award Winner – 2017!

I don’t feel comfortable tooting my own horn too much, but I did let you all know Intrigue in Istanbul: An Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure was a Midwest Book Award finalist in the children’s book category, so I thought I should share that it WON!

How exciting is that. It was kind of funny. I didn’t actually expect it to win (not that I think it’s a bad story or anything – it did win a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award last year) but I had been a finalist before for Will the Real Carolyn Keene Please Stand Up, which did not win, so I guess I expected the same.

For an FYI Intrigue in Istanbul is what I call a family story – it’s written for middle grade readers and up. I’ve had many adults who have enjoyed it, which is what I was going for, so I like to hear that. It’s set in  1961 and is about a 12 year old girl who’s father dies. Her grandmother, her father’s mother, takes her on a trip to Istanbul after the funeral where Agnes finds out her dad died under suspicious circumstances and she also learns some other shocking news.

Nice surprise!

My mother came with me. Photo by  Nancy Chakrin Photography

So to celebrate – anyone who comments below will get a free ebook of your choice. Just tell me what book you want in the comment section and I’ll contact you and send you the book!


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  1. Reblogged this on CKBooks Publishing.

  2. You won!!! Extraordinary!! Plus being able to share the limelight with your Mother on Mother’s Day weekend. It just doesn’t get any better.

    • You’re right, Rex. It was fun to share it with my mom. She’s a great supporter, of course!

  3. Congratulations. !!! Nice picture of you both. What good news !

    • Thanks Bonnie. I know you’re not reading much lately, but I’d be happy to send you an ebook if you would like!

  4. SO EXCITING and well deserved – I loved that book and look forward to more. Yay!!

    • Thanks Betty! Do you want a free ebook?

      • Hi – no – that’s fine – I have most of yours on Kindle and I like to support local authors – but thanks for the offer!

  5. […] Midwest Book Award Winner – 2017!  Wonderful book written by my friend Christine […]

  6. Congratulations Christine! Marvelous achievement indeed. You have accomplished so much as a writer and become an expert on virtually all facets of book publication no doubt leaving family and friends in astonishment. (was that a run on sentence by the way) Sincerely, Jon, Maelee and Linda

  7. Way to go! Congratulations! And I would love to read Intrigue in Istanbul.

    • Do you want a mobi, epub or pdf, Allen?

      • PDF is fine. I can probably open Mobi on Kindle. I haven’t done that before but they say you can. I still get confused with all the formats out there.

        • Yes, mobi is for Kindle and epub is for everything else. Most readers also read pdfs. 🙂

      • If you are interested in reading my original book, The Crystal Crux – Betrayal, I can send you a gift coupon from Amazon. I’m always looking for more reviews. You can look it up and see if it would be something you’re interested in.

  8. Congratulations! That’s so exciting! Really happy for you!

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