NPR’s 2017 Best Books List

I don’t know if you’re an NPR fan, but I am. When I have work that doesn’t take much thought, I can even listen on my computer ! (gotta love that internet!)

So when I heard the short piece highlighting their Best Books of 2017 picks, I had to share it.

My books aren’t on the list – again 😦 but I’m not dead yet, so there still is time!

And for those that don’t know, I am running a sale through the holidays to celebrate the recent publication of the second book in the Agnes Kelly Series – Narrow Escape in Norway

Intrigue in Istanbul  will be on sale for just .99!Just .99

And if you want to give one of my ebooks as a holiday gift to family or friends, just contact me at christinekeleny(at)yahoo(dot)com and I’ll send you a special gift certificate that will give the recipient a special code to use to pick up the book(s) online. It’s that simple!

Happy Holidays!


One comment on “NPR’s 2017 Best Books List

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    What writer doesn’t like to read?

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