Honoring Our Vets

My dad, a staff sergeant of the 3rd Armored.

This day means a lot to me, as it does to so many.

For me it underscores my desire to honor some of these vets, specifically the nurses of the 95th.

I have a pilot for a TV mini-series about the 95th Evacuation Hospital nurses. Think Band of Brothers but with the nurses about the 95th. The woman on the right is Marcy “Schlem” Schlemma Korda, who is still with us, living in a small town in Minnesota where she and her husband (a 95th surgeon) moved to after the war. The woman on the left is Lillian “Smitty” Smith Scheppler. Both these women helped me when I was writing my historical fiction novel in 2010-11 (A Burnished Rose – Book I, Book II)

Lillian left us this spring but both woman gave me information I could never have found in the books that I used.

These women couldn’t have come into contact with my dad, but they helped so many young men and they did so under very difficult circumstances: the hot, cold, and sands of the North African desert, were bombed on a British hospital ship, bombed on the beach at Anzio in Italy where some of the 95th staff lost their lives, in France and the bitter cold of Germany during the winter, living and working in canvas tents.

I have recently connected with the children of another 95th nurse, Adeline “Si” Simonson. Both Marvin and Carolyn have a keen interest what their mother and the women of the 95th did in WWII, so I’d have even more help in telling the 95th’s story.

These women’s story needs to be told and I’d be honored to help tell their story.

The 95th Officers (MDs) and Nurses with CO (center) Paul Sauer.

If anyone knows any of the members of the 95th, I’d appreciate if you contacted me. Thanks!

One comment on “Honoring Our Vets

  1. cindy knoke says:

    We are forever grateful.

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