Mad – Sad – Embarrassed… For My State – Wisconsin Votes in April 2020

I have never been embarrassed by my state before. It’s not the people that live in the state, but the state government that embarrasses me. This makes me sad. But mostly I am MAD!

I try not to talk about politics on my blog – it’s kind of like polite company, don’t talk about religion or politics. But I can’t stay silent on the travesty that took place yesterday in Wisconsin. The good people of Wisconsin had to literally risk their lives to vote yesterday, all because the republican politicians in this state put politics above the lives of the people they are supposed to be representing.

I am so mad about this I don’t know what to do. My father risked his life in WWII to protect our right to vote and countless others continue to risk their lives every day for this right and the republican politicians in Wisconsin took that right away from so many for their own gain. I never want to wish harm on anyone, but by God, I am so close…

This is a image of one said republican:

Image of Robin Voss at a poling station in Wisconsin. He says, “You are incredibly safe to go out [and vote].”

Can you believe this? So, Mr. Voss, if it’s so safe, why all the protective gear? And why are people in their cars behind you lining up to vote? What if you don’t have a car? What if you didn’t get the mail in ballot you asked for? What if you couldn’t make it to the polling place because of the 180 polling places that are normally open, you only had 5 to choose from, as in Milwaukee?

This is how most Wisconsinites felt:

I can only guess why the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted (along party lines, of course) to not allow the voting day to be moved, followed by the US Supreme Court. Some technical legality, I’m sure. Commons sense sure wasn’t involved. Why are we following technical legal issues in times that call for common sense. These are not normal times when normal rules are followed. My Grandmother knows better than put people in harms way just to get her way. So does my dog! Especially when we could have just postponed the election!! It is beyond ridiculous, it is ludicrous!

Taken by Tannen Maury/EPA, via shutterstock – people waiting to vote in Wisconsin.

If there was a time to believe in karma, this is the time! What goes around, comes around. I won’t go into the gerrymandering they already set up in this state. Luckily, that is something that we can change.

The only real control we have over these ridiculous politicians is at the voting booth in November. I pray, I pray this virus is controlled by then so that all the sane republican voters in Wisconsin have the opportunity (unlike yesterday) to tell their representatives what they think of their antics on April 7th, 2020 – a day that will go down in Wisconsin history infamy! The day the republican politicians put politics above the value of your own life. I know there are many sane Wisconsin republicans out there. We are counting on you come November!

2 comments on “Mad – Sad – Embarrassed… For My State – Wisconsin Votes in April 2020

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Terrible. You have good reason to be upset.

    • I know there are many good people in this state who are as mad and disappointed as I am. Hopefully enough of them show up in November! It’s just reprehensible to put lives over politics. They should be thrown out of office not just voted out.

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