An Uncommon Fellow~

We’ve got one of these nesting close by our home. Not sure why since we’re not by water.

Look who’s been posing like a model,

at our local ponds lately,

Wood Ducks, which are uncommon in Southern California.

I need to go back and photograph the females,

who are not quite as show stopping as the males,

but are beautiful none the less.

Cheers to you from the uncommonly beautiful California Wood Duck~

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6 comments on “An Uncommon Fellow~

  1. cindy knoke says:

    So awesome you have a nest nearby! Thank you so much Christine for your thoughtfulness.

  2. Carolyn Krause says:

    I am a bit slow in commenting about the Rose series – but Rose has stayed with me!
    Why did I love the Christine Kelany’s trilogy (“Rosebloom”, “A Burnished Rose” and “Rose from the Ashes”) about Rose Marie Krantz? I felt as if I grew up with Rose and traveled along on her adventures. The story starts in Wisconsin but through Rose the reader learns about Mississippi river boat travel and life in St. Louis and New Orleans in the late ‘1930’s. As Rose’s story continues through the books, she discovers romance and a career as a nurse during WWII in Italy. Kelany provides the reader with a history of Middle America as well as the impact of WWII on families in the Midwest. As a nurse, I found her description of the role of health care professionals in Italy during the war to be especially poignant. Rose’s story is one with adventure, humor, friendship, love, happiness, tragedy and joy. Kelany’s story of Rose through the trilogy (you will want to read all three books!) would be a great summertime read.

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