Celebration of May Day / Beltane

Celtic Wheel of the Year - Eight Pagan Holidays

I have a friend (yes, I do have friends) who knows all about May Day aka Beltane because she writes about it in her YA fiction Circle of Nine series

Circle of Nine: Beltany Book One in the Circle of Nine Series  Circle of Nine: Novella Collection (Circle of Nine Series Book 2)  Circle of Nine: Sacred Treasures Book Three in the Circle of Nine Series  Below is her post that tells all about May Day!





Celebrating Winter Soltice

We have to celebrate Winter Soltice, right?! It’s the begging of the upper hemisphere leaning back toward the sun! Which means after today, our days are going to start getting longer! Hurray!

Many people might think if Stonehenge on this day, but did you know about Newgrange – also in Ireland?