Celebration of May Day / Beltane

Celtic Wheel of the Year - Eight Pagan Holidays

I have a friend (yes, I do have friends) who knows all about May Day aka Beltane because she writes about it in her YA fiction Circle of Nine series

Circle of Nine: Beltany Book One in the Circle of Nine Series  Circle of Nine: Novella Collection (Circle of Nine Series Book 2)  Circle of Nine: Sacred Treasures Book Three in the Circle of Nine Series  Below is her post that tells all about May Day!




Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman + Your chance to support literacy!

172914This was another blind library pick.

Stats: Audio book 10 CD’s, approx, 12 hours, read by Lindsay Course, Book published in 2005, 399 pages

Blurb: (Goodreads)
Lifeless bodies sprawl in a dance-club parking lot after a brutal L.A. drive-by. Of the four seemingly random victims, one stands out: a girl with pink shoes who cannot be identified–and who, days later, remains a Jane Doe. With zero leads and no apparent motive, it’s another case destined for the cold file–until Petra decides to follow her instincts and descends into a world of traveling grifters and bloodthirsty killers, pursuing a possible eyewitness whose life is in mortal danger.

Finding her elusive quarry–alive–isn’t all Petra has on her plate: departmental politics threatens to sabotage her case, and her personal life isn’t doing much better. If all that wasn’t enough, Isaac Gomez, a whiz-kid grad student researching homicide statistics at the station house, is convinced he’s stumbled upon a bizarre connection between several unsolved murders. The victims had nothing in common, yet each died by the same method, on the same date–a date that’s rapidly approaching again. And that leaves Petra with little time to unravel the twisted logic of a cunning predator who’s evaded detection for years–and whose terrible hour is once more at hand.

What I liked: It was a decent story, overall. Once it got going, it kept my interest the majority of the time.

What I didn’t like: I don’t know if Lindsay Crouse was asked to narrate the way she did, but it was a bit too deadpan for me. It seemed like she was trying to narrate in the style of noir, hardboiled detective stories, but it got old very quickly and this is a long story to listen to for that. It also made it hard to know who was talking at times, until she did some of the foreign character’s voices. The story itself started out slowly, but I kept going and it did improve. The book needed a bit of editing too – at the end Kellerman goes through all the murders the bad guy committed (off screen, so to speak) and that is really unnecessary and boring. And the end seems to drag on more than it needs to; he hints at a romance for Isaac (the detective’s side-kick in this story), which is enough, but then goes on to write a scene about it. He also hints at something more relationship wise for the main protagonist, but leaves that open – for another book, I assume.

Rating: 3.5/5

And if you’re looking for a literary charity to help this holiday, check these out. Giving Tuesday (vs cyber Monday), December 1 is the date for this campaign, but I bet they’ll take funds any time of year: Reading is Fundimental,  First Book,  Proliteracy

And if you click on the below image and you post this campaign to your website, Grammerly will donate $10 in your name to one of the above charities. Can’t beat that!

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