Old Tune Tuesday – Twist and Shout

We haven’t listened to the Beatles in a while, and I love this video.

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Old Tune Tuesday – John Mayer

Okay, this isn’t that old, but it’s a good tune. I really enjoy John’s voice.

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Old Tune Tuesday – Lenny K. and Prince

This is one of those that isn’t that old, but it’s old enough to have a dead guy in it (rest his soul and his blue Lycra suit).

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Old Tune Tuesday – Love Me Do (of course)

So it’s Valentine’s Day Image result for heart imageand I wanted an appropriate tune for the day. “Love Me Do” popped into my head. This isn’t the best recording but you get to see their first album cover – you know, for those round, vinyl, black things with the groves in it ;).

Image result for heart image

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Old Tune Tuesday – Roberta Flack

I heard this recently and thought you-all might enjoy it.

Great song. Great singer.

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Old Tune Tuesday – by Train

Okay, this is not that old (unless you think 2012 is old), but I like it (great song, great lyrics, funny video…) so I’m sharing it this on a very gloomy day in Wisconsin. I needed a pick me up – how about you?!


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Old Tune Tuesday – Christmas Version

It’s just a couple weeks until the big day for all you kiddies out there, so I thought I’d go a bit festive. Yes, Annie Lennox is not that old, not to me anyway, but I like her version of this song.


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Old Tune Tuesday – Tin Man

This is from my era.

(Love the hair on these guys.)

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Old Tune Tuesday – Staple Singers

Happy Tuesday!

I dare you not to move to this.

I like the young man with the purple shirt and red pants, and how about those fuzzy pigtails!

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Old Tune Tuesday – Boggie Wonderland

Need a little Boogie in your life today? Courtesy of Earth, Wind and Fire!

Got to love those outfits!

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