Photo Phriday: No Ordinary Woman

Lovely, lovely photo by Douglas Moorezart. Inspiring and enpowering sentiment by Viola Davis

via #MeNeither – “I’ve never met an ordinary woman”

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Photo Phriday

Photo by Zaphir Shamma. Amazing!

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Photo Phriday – Betty Davidson

Image may contain: sky, flower, grass, plant, nature and outdoor

Summer artwork of Betty Davidson. Thanks for sharing, Betty!

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Photo Phriday – Cats in Things

Love this image. No wonder mice are afraid!
My cat would never sit still for this kind of picture.

Mixed Cats

Cats in Things

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Photo Phriday

The poppies are so big this year. Must be all that rain we got!


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Photo Phriday – Stars in My Eyes

This is gorgeous! I love the colors and the stars.

Photo Nature Blog

The Petite Pointe Au Sable Lighthouse (The Little Point of Sand Lighthouse) was completed in 1874 along the shores of Lake Michigan. Its light rises 108 feet over the waters to signal ships the location of the shoreline. I had photographed it recently during the day and decided to try the same subject at night with the sky full of stars this time.

Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


Here is a wider view of the same scene shown below


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Photo Phriday

Came across this lovely image by John MacDonald on Vicki Goodwin’s blog – The Page Turner. Lovely, just lovely.

The Dock by John Macdonald

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Photo Phriday – Cycles for Rent in Kota Tua

With spring officially here, this looks really appealing. I especially like that the man renting the bikes is wearing one of his orange hats 🙂

Joshi Daniel Photography

A young man who rents bicycles sipping coffee at Kota Tua area in Jakarta on the Indonesian Independence Day Cycles for Rent | Kota Tua, Jakarta, Indonesia

The young man pictured here lends bicycles on rent in Kota Tua area in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was photographed sipping coffee on the day of the Indonesian Independence Day. Shot on a GoPro.

Here is your chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Bali. Take the Quiz Now at

Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia.

If you would like to buy a print of any of the images, get in touch with me here.

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Photo Phriday

My friend Betty Davidson took this in her native Minnesota. I think it’s lovely.

Check out the deer’s whiskers!

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Photo Phriday – Greenwich Colonnades, London.

I love the color and symmetry of this.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


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