Photo Phriday – Greenwich Colonnades, London.

I love the color and symmetry of this.

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Photo Phriday – Bolton Abbey

Here is a collection of photos for my Photo Phriday. I like the one with the clouds and the graveyard the best. Nice work Amina!

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El Salvador Trip 2014

My husband, daughter and I recently took our semi-annual trip to El Salvador. We are part of a group in Wisconsin and Illinois that sponsor kids to go to school (a whopping $160/year) and we fund-raise each year to get money to help locals in rural communities with various projects. Lately, we have been helping build homes (you’ll see them lower in the post). The community of Alegria has a cooperative that families can belong to to help each other build homes. To participate, each family has to contribute $8/month until they can save up $500. That is their part of the cost of an approx. $3000 cider-block, two room home. All the families show up to put up the home. If they are lucky, they can save more money and by some paint.


These first ones are from the large capital city of San Salvador.

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These are from our meetings with kids our group sponsors in some of the rural communities. We even got traditional entertainment this year. Saw kids with cell phones this year, which I hadn’t seen before – mostly it just was adults, if they had one at all, which most didn’t and probably still don’t in the rural communities.

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These next pictures are from Alegria in the south-central mountain area where a lot of coffee is grown. It actually can get very cool in the evening in the hills of Alegria. We weren’t the only foreigners in Alegria, there were Spaniards visiting as well. It’s a tourist destination.

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These last set of pictures are from a day and a half at Cosa del Sol. Very warm and relaxing.

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Photo Phriday

I always like seeing a church in winter. This is the church I go to in New Glarus, WI. Swiss UCC. Only church I know that has Alpine horns and accordion music during the service!

Taken by Sue Moen

Taken by Sue Moen

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Photo Phriday

My brother sent me this one. It’s from Jakub Polomski. I feel like as cold as it is this November in Wisconsin, I think this is what our winter is going to be like this year. Yikes! (that’s me and my family walking to the store because we’re out of milk and there is so much snow that we can’t drive.)

Alpinists - Chamonix

Alpinists – Chamonix, France

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Photo Phriday

I never knew this place existed. Isn’t it lovely? It’s a national park in the US.

from Hovercraftdoggy blog

T from Hovercraftdoggy blog

This was taken by Justin Brauner at Zion National Park in Utah. Now I have a new place to add to my must visit list. I think that road along the creek would be the way to go.

Statue of Liberty Birthday

On this day in 1885 the Statue of Liberty arrived in the New York Harbor, a gift from France to commemorate the new countries centennial and the friendship with their allies across the sea.

courtesy of

courtesy of

It  was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, created by Bartholdi,  Gustave EiffelRichard Morris Hunt. It came in 350 pieces and wouldn’t be erected for 6 months. It is quite the site. It is must see on any trip to the Big Apple. Such an amazing structure for the immigrants to gaze at on their way to Elise Island.

Happy 130th Brooklyn Bridge!

How can I not say something about this wonderful bridge. I like bridges, especially old and wonderfully built ones such as the Brooklyn Bridge – one of the oldest suspension bridges in the US. I know it has been and is currently under repair, but still, to last 130 years surrounded by all that pollution and with all that use.  I was glad my kids and I were able to walk part of the promenade when we were there last August, though the promenade is no longer made of wood as one of the older photos shows. It took a bit to figure out how to get to it, (You have to go a few blocks from the water’s edge) but it was worth the effort. A must see for any New York vacation!

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It took 14 years to build at a  cost of 1 million dollars at the time (late 1800s) and approximately 12 lives. It was dedicated on May 24th, 1883

Photo Phriday`



I like this photo because of all it doesn’t say.

Who is this person with these lovely decorated feet? Is a women or a man? What else if the person wearing? (I’d really like to know that one.) Why are they wearing these things? All I know is that it is the feet of Kathivanoor Veeran Theyyam from Kannur, Kerala, India, taken in 2012

Joshi Daniel, who took this picture, doesn’t say much about his photographs, so we are left to wonder.

Photo Phriday

compliments of Photobotos and March Adamus

compliments of Photobotos and March Adamus

Isn’t this amazing. It is actually a composite of 13 images (taken on the same evening). I generally like “real” – not photo shopped – images, but this one took Marc 4 days cold and late, late nights to get create this image and it is really quite beautiful, so I have to put aside my prejudice and just enjoy the artistry. It was taken in the Yukon, Canada and is the Tombstone Range. The ice formation alone is amazing but with the aurora borealis on top of it. It must have been inspiring being there.