Making an Altoids tin garden

Who knew this was a thing, but I like it! I like small pieces of art and this is art, in my book!


If you haven’t seen an Altoids tin garden, you’re missing out! I think I will make one of my own. Here are some particularly inspiring ones to get you thinking about how yours might look:

Mini garden, photo credit: Design Sponge, DIY by Grace Bonney; Kate’s Miniature Tin Gardens.

Altoid Grass. Photo credit:; by Matthew Rogers

Altoid garden. Photo credit: Her blog has tons of clever craft projects!

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K Morris - Poet

As a child I took the acorn
From where it lay
On the forest’s lawn
As by way
Of the woodland path I went
In my harmless play.

Shall I take
The acorn today
And break
The shell
I know so well?
The truth forlorn
Is that many an acorn
Have I broken in play.

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