Vulnerability is Strength

Thought this was apt for the times.

Annette Rochelle Aben

This week, it’s the Poet’s Choice. I chose the words STRENGTH& VULNERABLEand to express myself in a DOUBLE ETHEREE.


Are not

Always what

We seem to be

Especially when

We are vulnerable

And the side of us we show

Might present the wrong impression

In reality, we’re seeking help

But don’t know quite how to express ourselves

That is when we need to trust that others

Understand more than we think they do

That they’re holding us in their hearts

Being our strength when we can’t

Allowing us our space

Where we know we’re safe

To find some strength

From within

And we


©2020 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Anxiety Management During Pandemic Days~

Lovely images to view for stress management.

Many of us are experiencing emotional distress from the pandemic which can affect each of us in different ways, but often presents as increasing anxiety, worry, sleep disruption, feelings of helplessness, panic, and/or depression.

The shrieking headlines don’t help do they? So what can we do to manage these feelings and feel stronger emotionally and psychologically as we prepare ourselves to face the difficult days ahead?

As a psychotherapist who has practiced for many decades, I have some ideas that can help. So if you are interested, read on.

We are going to make a customized anxiety toolbox. One approach doesn’t work for everyone, pick and choose what feels right for you. Of course I’m including relaxing photos intermixed in this post because looking at positive images is an objective and powerful anxiety reducer. What you perceive influences how you think and feel.


Self Talk Reframing (Cognitive Therapy)

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Free Ebooks for Kids to Pass the Time While Social Distancing

Wonderful, Shana! Thanks!
Many authors (including me) are also discounting or giving ebooks away for free:
Happy Reading and stay safe!

Rosco's Reading Room

FREE EBOOKS starting today, running Mar. 14-18 to keep the little ones from bouncing off the walls. All but one have AR quizzes!

My teens’ school, in our little part of the world in Southern California, was just closed for a whole month starting today. This includes our spring break so for now, it’s three weeks of distance learning, daily assignments, etc, even though the work won’t take them all day. But while they’re old enough to occupy themselves, this made me think of all those elementary-aged children who will be bouncing off the walls at home. Oh my.

I’ve seen a few other authors doing this and I thought it was a great idea to keep the little ones busy. Load up on reading! So, I’m offering my ebooks (as many as I was able to do, considering their KDP Select enrollment) for FREE for five days

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Giving Back~An Interview with the Director of the Grow Your Library program

Great program to support this holiday!

Rosco's Reading Room

‘Tis the season for giving, and what better way to do that on a reading blog than to focus on organizations and authors who are doing their part to give back?

Last year, I met Gary Mlodzik through LinkedIn, and after learning about his work, I donated a handful of my Rosco the Rascal books to the literacy program he directs for Kids Need To Read. Impressed by the Grow Your Library program and his enthusiasm for it, I wanted to know more, so I asked Gary if he would speak to me in more depth on the blog. He responded quickly and this question-and-answer interview is the (long overdue) result of our exchange.

Q. Hi Gary, can you tell us a little bit about your organization and what you do there?

A. Sure, Shana, I’d love to. Thanks for having me here today. I’m a board member of…

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Death Valley’s Wild Burros~

We were in Death Valley for 2 days and didn’t see any. They must hide. The burros in Custer State Park in South Dakota are friendly, pushy too, if you have food, but I’d never approach a mom and baby. I’m not stupid!

Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the lower ’48 consisting of 5,270mi² s of barren, beautiful desert. It holds the world record for the hottest place on earth topping out at 134 F in 2013.

Burros (donkeys) were introduced to the park by gold miners in the 1800’s. Some escaped and wild burros have thrived in the park ever since. Burros dig holes to find water and these holes are often used by other desert creatures. Burros are a food source for resident mountain lions, taking pressure off big horn sheep populations.

Burros are not wanted by The National Park Service in Death Valley.

The front page of the 2019 National Park Summer Visitor Guide says burros are an “invasive species……they stomp around and make a mess…they over browse…..they can be mean and aggressive when defending young….they stand in roads and won’t budge.”

This sounds a…

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Holiday Books: December Celebrations

Looking for a gift for a child in your life. These books look wonderful!

Rosco's Reading Room

My next installment in the holiday books roundup comes to us from Dr. Terance Shipman who hails from the great state of Georgia. He writes an absolutely delightful picture book series called Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles. Having spent over a decade teaching kindergarten in his early years, it’s my guess that at least some aspects of his stories are based on wonderful first-hand experiences with children over the years. Today, I want to share with you Shipman’s beautiful holiday book,  December Celebrations, illustrated by Milan Ristic. In terms of December holidays, it’s got something for everyone.

When Dewayne, a precocious kindergartner, rushes into the kitchen waving a letter from his teacher about the upcoming December celebrations, his sister Banicia and his mother help him understand what’s about to happen. Mr. Shipman, Dewayne’s kindergarten teacher, makes the month of December a fun, educational, multicultural experience that your child will never forget…

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