About Rose From the Ashes – Book IV in the Rose Series

Book III

Book IV

Shell shock, battle fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder―it all means the same thing to veterans who have served their country by putting themselves in harm’s way. But for women veterans of WWII like Rose Krantz, it also meant coming back to a country that, even during the war, hadn’t given them the rights that the lowest-ranking male soldier enjoyed, barely acknowledged the sacrifices they had all made, and, in some cases, chastised them for even participating. So in 1945, when Rose came home to bury her husband only to find out she was pregnant with his child, her nightmares, her daily anxieties, and the two men who wanted to protect her, had to be put aside until Rose was finally forced to come to terms with it all.

Rose From the Ashes is the third and fitting end to the Rose series.

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Rose from the Ashes by Christine Keleny resonated with me and will remain forever on my Kindle. I look forward to repeat performances as the book transports me back to this pivotal period. Descriptions such as her sister Gerty’s apartment are superb: “It’s got two bedrooms and stays nice and warm all winter with Ferrell’s drug store just below us. They only turn off the heat on Sundays. And we’re close enough to the river that we get a nice breeze in the summer.” Not only are Keleny’s characters representative of America’s Heartland, but Rose’ captivating story make Rose from the Ashes a premiere historical novel.

~  Kathleen Rowland


This is the final book in the Rose trilogy. I have to say, for me this trilogy ranks right up there with Gone With the Wind. History, war, romance, drama, a strong and gutsy female protagonist, paddleboats on the Mississippi and even a brothel … I’m in heaven!

~ Karla Nodorft-Heller

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