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CKBooks Publishing is an Indie Publishing Company that specializes is expert customer service. Christine has been working in the service industry for 20 years, so she knows what it takes to make your experience an excellent one. CKBooks Publishing can help you publish paper books (soft cover, hard cover, spiral bound…) or ebooks (format ready to download to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords…)

What does Indie Publishing Mean?

An Indie Publishing Company means that Christine helps you publish your book (fiction, non-fiction, illustrated book…) and you keep all the rights to your work (the copyright, the ISBN) and you keep all your work – meaning all the electronic book files (for paper or ebook). This allows you to print or publish your book wherever and whenever you like.

In Addition: When you publish with CKBooks, you can choose how much or how little you need Christine to help you.

If you are a do-it-yourself-er and want to save a little cash, Christine can tell you want needs to be done and how to do it. Or if your time is precious and all you want to do is supply the text, Christine is happy to do the rest. Or something in between. The wonderful thing is, it’s all up to you!

On top of that:

Your book will be available for purchase on this website and be featured on this blog –

Find out more on my website:

So contact Christine for a free quote and start to make that dream of publication a reality! (Just click on the contact tab to get started). I’m at

2 comments on “CKBooks Publishing

  1. Larry Timm says:

    I’ve been in Fort Atkinson the past two weeks and enjoyed your presentation. I would like more time with you to discuss the future of my writing. Is it a dream or a reality? Have you looked at my books yet? I suppose it is too soon. I’d like to know my possibilities.



    • Hello Larry – I’m glad you enjoyed my presentations. I haven’t looked at your books yet but I will soon. Anyone can publish and I can help you through the process. You can contact me at my email: We can exchange phone numbers and talk on the phone, if you like.
      Looking forward to it,

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