Photo Phriday

Thought I’d share a picture within a picture. This is my son in a studio at his art school. He is going to SVA (School of Visual Arts) in New York city. It’s a wonderful opportunity for him: wonderful school, exiting city to live in… He’s in his junior year and learning a lot. I like this picture because of the color: Aaron’s sweater matching his artwork, because of the perspective: him and his supplies with the art in the background, and because it’s my son! Of course. Nice job, Aaron!aaron at SVA, 2013

Day two was just as fun, but bitter sweet

Day two in the Big Apple was as fun as day one but, it was bitter sweet – it ended by saying goodbye to the boy who to going to learn so much in his time in the big city, and I’m not talking about the art school, though he’ll learn a lot there too. 

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It was fun kids – thanks for hanging with your old Ma!