Join me and three other authors for a free book forum

room of ones own_logoThis next Wednesday, April 17th, at 6:30 at A Room Of Ones Own Bookstore in Madison,  three other Madison authors and will be offering a free forum on book publishing.

The other authors:

Marty Drapkin, author of Ten Nobodies and Now and at the Hour. He has a master’s degree in English education from the University of Wisconsin. Learn more at the author’s website!

Spike Pedersen, author of the self-published novel At First Light. Follow Spike’s blog!

Sarah White, author of 3 books published the traditional way as well as the self-published Write Your Travel Memoirs. She coaches self-publishing and writing. Find out more about Sarah at her website First Person Productions!

Come join us for a night of inspiration, and become the author you were meant to be.

315 W. Gorham St.
United States

I am so Excited!

I just posted a project on: 

(click on the Kickstarter logo to see my project page) Doesn’t sound very exciting, but it really is. If you ever had something you wanted to do but couldn’t do it for one reason or another, then some or something happened and VOILA!, it happens! That’s exciting!

Well that is what I am hoping for with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a very unique website. It is a place where people who have ideas get their ideas funded – ideas for a music CD, ideas for video game, ideas for a design, ideas for a movie, ideas for a BOOK… Well you get the idea! (yuk, yuk). The fun thing about the funding is that anyone from any where in the world can help fund a project with as little as $1 (or anything above that). It’s a really fun idea, I think. I like to support the arts, but presently don’t really have the funds to do that much. This site allows you to fund creative ideas and creative people with whatever amount of money you want.

And what’s even better is with any money pledged, each project creator has agreed to give you a “reward” for your pledge.

I’ll use my project to tell you what I mean. I have a Christmas story called The Red Velvet Box. It is a short story that I would like to have illustrated. Well, illustrations cost money, and in this story, there will be over 25 illustrations. The other fun thing about this project is that my son, Aaron, is going to do the illustrations for me. He is continuing his art education in the fall, so this will help him pay for his schooling.

So I build this web page thanks to the Kickstarter folks, made up a video with the help of my daughter and my friend Colleen, made up rewards for various dollar amounts pledged {ie. pledge $25 and get a book with your name in the book on the “thank you” page.} and posted it. Now I have 30 days to come up with the goal needed to illustrate and publish The Red Velvet Box.  If I don’t reach my goal, then nothing happens, no money changes hands, no rewards are handed out, no illustrations are drawn. If I make my goal (or surpass it!) then Kickstarter gets 5% of what is pledged, and projects goes forward and I send out the rewards to the people who have pledged.

Again- pretty cool idea, don’t you think? I hope you think it’s cool, and I hope you check out the project:

If you aren’t in a place to contribute toward the project, please do me a big favor and share it with people you know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help, and I’ll keep you posted on my blog how things are going: post illustrations as Aaron finishes them, let you know how the pledges are going…

I’m so excited!