Join me and three other authors for a free book forum

room of ones own_logoThis next Wednesday, April 17th, at 6:30 at A Room Of Ones Own Bookstore in Madison,  three other Madison authors and will be offering a free forum on book publishing.

The other authors:

Marty Drapkin, author of Ten Nobodies and Now and at the Hour. He has a master’s degree in English education from the University of Wisconsin. Learn more at the author’s website!

Spike Pedersen, author of the self-published novel At First Light. Follow Spike’s blog!

Sarah White, author of 3 books published the traditional way as well as the self-published Write Your Travel Memoirs. She coaches self-publishing and writing. Find out more about Sarah at her website First Person Productions!

Come join us for a night of inspiration, and become the author you were meant to be.

315 W. Gorham St.
United States

Photo Phriday

photo by Roos Aldershoff courtesy of hovercraftdoggy

photo by Roos Aldershoff courtesy of hovercraftdoggy

At first I thought this was a Photoshop picture, but it is not. It is a bookstore inside a 13th century Dominican church in Maastricht, Netherlands.

I like it if they did this to save/restore the building, rather than tear it down, but I don’t like the new architectural style within the old. It seems like it was just plunked into the building – oil and water sort of thing. And a commercial building inside a church somehow just doesn’t seem right to me. But again, if they did it to save the old structure, I’m willing to let it slide. (I’m sure the owners would be so glad to know that!) But they need to fire that interior designer.