Photo Phriday

Thought I’d share a picture within a picture. This is my son in a studio at his art school. He is going to SVA (School of Visual Arts) in New York city. It’s a wonderful opportunity for him: wonderful school, exiting city to live in… He’s in his junior year and learning a lot. I like this picture because of the color: Aaron’s sweater matching his artwork, because of the perspective: him and his supplies with the art in the background, and because it’s my son! Of course. Nice job, Aaron!aaron at SVA, 2013

Photo Phriday

compliments of Photobotos and Chip Phillips

I just had to share this photograph. I think it is just gorgeous. The description didn’t say anything about doctoring the picture in any way but it’s hard to believe it wasn’t. The photographer,  Chip Phillips, said the colors come for the winter wheat coming up, the frost, the tilled soil and the angle of the early morning light – I think I believe him. Either way, it is just too lovely not to share. It was taken in Palouse, Washington, USA.

Photo Friday

This picture was taken in the Arabian desert. The photographer, Abdullaziz Bin Ali, took it after walking two days. It is the Empty Quarter Desert, which is the largest sand desert in the world. The thing I like about it, is that it isn’t touched up at all. Amazing! (I found this courtesy of Photobotos)


Photo Friday

“Liquid Crown” by Maria Henna June – New York

Isn’t this lovely. Besides the color and texture of the liquid, it’s even more interesting to know that the photographer took this picture in motion. It is a drop of milk-water with glycerin into colored water. The green ball on top is another drop coming in contact with the splash from the first drop. It looks like a glass sculpture.  Amazing photography Maria! (photo courtesy of

Photo Friday

Okay, here is one from me.

I recently spent a cold afternoon on Chicago’s Navy Pier. I wasn’t too impressed with the Navy Pier, and it was too cold to spend a lot of time outside, but they had a wonderful stained glass exhibit that I would recommend to anyone who is going to Chicago in the near future. I’m sorry. I didn’t take notes on where this came from but it was part of a four panel piece I’ve put below. Unfortunately, that picture is out of focus, but you get the idea of the style of these pieces. They are beautiful! They had many pieces from old churches and a small room of just  Comfort Tiffany’s designs. Now I understand some of the book I read about Clara – who designed many of Tiffany’s famous lamps.

Did Anyone See the Sky Lastnight

Did anyone see the sky last night?

It was as if the black, cumulus clouds had been dipped

in an iridescent crimson, layered across the horizon,

and kept burning from below.

Then as the fire was slowly extinguished,

the healing blue-gray of  night

shown through the ash that remained

and calmed the spirit of the day.

Natures canvas on display.